by Antoine Lie


An extremely fresh opening, with an accord of peony and lilac, while some IsoESuper give these flowers an otherworldly brilliance. Cashmeran (a molecule that smells woody with a silver texture) is almost immediately perceivable, tonka bean and musk add softness and powderiness. An apparently simple pyramid, reflecting the ‘seeming’ simplicity of Japanese aesthetics. Tradition and technology resonate in the raw materials: some so flowery and romantic that could almost be considered rétro, while others are modern and extremely trendy. The Western culture is evident in the composition of the fragrance, while the East becomes obvious when wearing it: this scent is so clearly Japan-inspired that the first image arising is a bright and freshly scented rain.


East meets West in a unique, mesmerizing Washi Fabric, combination of silk, cashmere, linen and (80%) of ‘rice paper’. An unprecedented material luxurious, eco-friendly, with futuristic properties: antibacterial, it maintains the skin coolness and hydration, absorbes UV rays and acts as sunscreen. An encounter between past and avantgarde, nature and technology, Japanese and Italian cultures.