by Cécile Zarokian


The word KANABO means HEMP in Esperanto (the ‘language of hope’ created in 1887). How ancient, authentic and precious this fabric is : the very fi rst plants on our planet, about ten thousand years ago, to be spun into a fiber. It demands work, time, special tools and skilled manual labour. The hemp fabric - so beautiful, beneficial and eco-friendly - means past and future that meet halfway in our present time, where we would all need a more nature oriented life.


OR KANABO goes back in our own personal time as well. Back to childhood, to warm and deep feelings, f ragrant cookies, juicy fruits, flowery meadows, powdery dolls, yummy ice-creams… and loving embraces, of course. This composition is a concentration of top quality natural raw materials: Osmanthus absolute, a delicate, precious chinese flower, fruity yet animalic; Vanille absolute, the real vanilla pod luxurious and leathery; Fava tonka, almondy but with a hint of blond tobacco; Opoponax balsamic, warm and honeyed; Sichuan pepper CO2 extract, a fake pepper very fresh, citrusy, spicy and powdery.