by Maurice Roucel



This fragrance is just as precious and perfect in every detail. The quintessence of femininity in an explosion of rose, the absolute Queen of all flowers, that releases a profusion of ancient and new emotions: juicy berries, shiny magnolia and jasmine, seductive patchouli and leather. An elegant, passionate and creamy tribute to the magnificence of the rose. So perfect, it moves you.


Damask is a woven fabric that uses two or more weave structures to create a texture, with contrasting matte and sheen surfaces. Often in silk, it was originally hand-woven to reflect at best the light and create depth in the designs. Damask has a reputation of an ancient luxury fabric, so highly valued in the past that kings would do anything to get their hands on the secret of how it was made. The precious beauty of this complex fabric has survived for millenia.