by Jean Jacques


This scent shows a wild, complex and multifaceted nature, a series of mixed feelings evoke the fabric after which it’s named: tweed is a dry, rough wool, dyed in beautiful colors that may show contrasting shades. The scent reflects this search in every sense for harmony in contrasts: the opening features a warm, hot and pungent accord, with black pepper adding powderiness. The central accord shows an intense, deep, almost mystical incense note. Benzoin and ambroxan make the drydown a touch sweet and crunchy, powdery and pungent, rounded by a superbe blend of cedarwood and oud.


Tweed… a textile so totally charming! Old fashion and absolutely contemporary, a hipster avant-garde touch in love with tradition. A personality with a balance of contrasts… rude and refined, down to earth and dreamy, masculine and feminine.