by Pierre Guéros


Elegant, intimate, contrasting. The essence of elegance, a secret whispered under the moonlight. An intense creation shrouded in mystery, where the citrus notes of grapefruit meet an aromatic heart of cypress, rosemary and juniper berries, for a seductive chiaroscuro effect. The base is dominated by a magnificent vetiver note and sublimated by the sensuality of amber.


SOLARO is a prestigious fabric beloved by timeless icons of Italian elegance as Marcello Mastroianni and Gianni Agnelli.THE SOLARO COLLECTION is inspired to this delicately iridescent textile as well as the magic atmospheres of a perfect Italian summer. 4 fragrances, 4 tributes to the scents and colors of Mediterranean landscapes. Each fragrance name conveys a state of mind, almost a continuous poetic line. Each perfume is numbered, to make it easier to pronounce its name.